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    EVA emulsion
    EVA - VC/EVCL chlori
    VAE can disperse lat
    Water based vinyl ac
    Water-based acrylic
    Water-based silicone
    Water-based silicone
    Water-based polyuret
    Aqueous thickener
    Aqueous dispersants
    Water-based defoamin
    Anticorrosive antise
    Film-forming agent
    PVA polyvinyl alcoho
    Adhesive products
    Covering power emuls
    Curing agent
    Environmental protec
    Hydraulic functional
    Water-based synthesi
    Guangzhou R & D Chemical Ltd
    Mr Zeng
    Phone: 0086-18924191088
    Telephone: 0086-20-34780469
    Fax:       0086-20-34793723
    E-mail: rongdonggreat@163.com
    Address:No. 86, Jiezhongweilu, Panyu District, Guangzhou

    Guangzhou R & D Chemcial Ltd. was established in 2005, invested by Hong Kong Chem Work Ltd. and Glumanist Chemical. Our technologies provide most cost competitive and solutions to our valued customers in woodworking and packaging adhesives, internal and external wall coating, waterproof coating, ink, paper making, textile and other industries.
    Our company has long-term cooperative relationships with a number of multi-national suppliers. Production or business range includes: EVA Emulsion, Acrylic Emulsion, PVAC Emulsion, Silicone Emulsion, Dispersing Agent, Defoaming Agent, Thickening Agent, Corrosion Inhibitor, etc.
    With the continuous expansion of our business and highly demands of customers as responsibilities, our company has many years engaged in R & D, production, technical service improvement, and also excellent after sale service to markets.
    Facing the opportunities and challenges, our company will stride into the brilliance with the clients' and manufacturers' support on the principle of “mutual benefits

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